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This site is just as you might have guessed devoted to orchids and orchid care. (Orchidaceae is the Latin name used in botanical science to denote the family of orchids). On this site you will find information on anything related to orchids. You will find information on how to care for orchids but also on societies, shows, literature and a great deal more. In the near future we hope to expand the site with taxonomic, cultural and other information on specific genera, illustrated with numerous pictures. We also feature an extensive directory over orchid website from around the world. Our goal is to build a portal that will help you navigate the wonderful world that is orchids.

Orchids is one of the largest families of plants in the world. It is unclear whether the family orchidaceae or the family  Asteraceae is the largest family of flowering plants. This confusion is due to the fact that different calculations but the number of orchid species between 21,950 and 26,049 species. The difference is due to which orchids you consider unique species and which you consider subspecies. The species are distributed between 880 genera. The Taxonomy of orchids is constantly in flux as new research discover new species and new genera. It is speculated that around 10% (9-11%) of all flowering species are orchids. Besides all the species of wild orchids there are also more than 100 000 man made cultivars and hybrids. You can find wild orchids almost everywhere in the world. The exceptions from this is the polar / glacier regions.

Orchids are not only very beautiful. They also have a long line of practical uses. They are among other things used in the production of perfume, medicine and as food. The most famous use of orchids in food is vanilla. Vanilla is produced from the seed of the vanilla orchid. Usually Vanilla planifolia although there are other species being used as well. Artificial vanilla is not made from the vanilla orchid but instead from cellulose.

Orchid care

Orchids are also, as you know if you visit this page, very popular within the horticultural community. Orchids are popular design elements in our, popular decorations on our window sills and popular gifts. Most people have at one time or another had a Phalaenopsis orchid or two. These orchids are very pretty, very popular and available in most grocery stores. It is rather common that these orchids are thrown out once they finished flowering. This is sad because Phalaenopsis orchid are very easy to care for and will flower several times a year if you give them a good environment. As they grow older they will produce more and more flowers. I therefore strongly recommend that you give your Phalaenopsis orchid a chance to rest and flower again.

If you start caring for orchids you should not be surprised if you start to see the number of orchids in your home to grow. This has happened to a lot of us and before you know it you might be an orchid collector. Collecting orchids is a good hobby that allow you to meet friendly people. Collecting orchids also a hobby that can cost as much or as little as you want.

Since orchids come from all over the world and from all types of conditions they all require different care. An orchid care tips that is really good for one orchid might kill another. It is therefore very important that you look for information on how to care for the exact species of orchid you want to keep. If you provide each and every orchid with the environment they want you will be rewards with good growth and stunning flowers. If you are unable to provide different environments, such as can often be the case in a small house or apartment, you will need to choose orchid species that can be made to thrive in the conditions you got. Orchid care is as much about choosing the right orchids to keep as it is about providing the right conditions for the orchids you got. By choosing suitable orchid species and providing them with the ideal conditions you will get the best result.

On this website you can read about how to care for orchids of all types. Navigate to the section where we offer information on a particular type of orchids and read all about the orchid care they need. I am constantly adding more species and my hope is that orchidaceae,org in time should provide care instructions for all types of commonly available orchids. If you can not find what you are looking for on my website I recommended that you browse our directory to find other high quality orchids sites that might offer the answer you are looking for.

Good luck and may all your orchids grow and flower.